Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day of Reckoning

Tomorrow is the day that I step on the scale and start the diet!!! Holy cow, I think I need a friend to come over and hold my hand before look and see just HOW much weight I have put on! It's ridiculous! I'm pretty sure this is the fatest I've been except for when I've had babies. The zipper on the skirt I wore to church today was ACTUALLY crying! You could hear the metal tangs screaming as I zipped her up!!! Me & Jared booked a cruise the other day and I have 6 weeks to loose as much weight as I possibly can. What do y'all think?!? How much can I loose, is 15 possible! I saw this picture of Jenny McCarthy walking on the beach in a bikini and she looked absolutely amazing! I'm positive that HER body is the body I would pick if I came across a LAMP with a GENIE in it and was granted 3 wishes! So, I'm going to start starving myself in the morning (along with looking for that lamp!) and reporting back in 3 weeks as to my progress. I figure if I have to put in on my facebook my progress I'm bound to do better! Wish me luck and remember...NOTHING taste better than SKINNY! :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Eve

We had a lot of fun on New Years! We have spent New Years Eve with our good friends the Kirks just about every year for 8 years now! We are so sad, but they are moving when school gets out for their girls. So...we spent one last New Years with them. The Fishers, Allens & Pederson's also came. We all have soooo much fun together it should be illegal! We missed the Haymore's though! We started out at McKendrick's Steakhouse and had a fabulous meal! We all stuffed ourselves to death, but it was SOO good! We went back to the Kirk's house and played Rockband and ate dessert! It was a great time and we are really going to miss the Kirk's next year!
So, now to plan my New Year's resolutions...I know I need to loose weight, be a nicer person, better mother, better wife! Where to start! I guess one day at a time. I do know one thing, I hope 2009 is better than 2008! 2008 started out GREAT and then went down hill fast!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas "08

I know that I am late getting these pictures up, but hey better late than never, right?!? We had a great Christmas this year! It was a relatively quiet one...for us that is! We stayed at home all by ourselves! No crazy Disney World or cabin in Gatlinburg and 50 other people! We had Christmas Eve together, just us! It was kind of wierd, but actually really nice! Jared has been begging me for YEARS to just be at home by ourselves and this year we finally did it. The kids were SO good and they really enjoyed it just being us. I'm sure the UNDIVIDED attention probably helped. We had Christmas morning together, then Jared's parents came later that morning and stayed all day. Jared's Uncle and fiance' (I DON'T know how to spell that!!!) came later that afternoon. We had a great time with everyone! We fried a turkey AND a ham, although the ham didn't quite turn out! :( We played American Idol ALL night long!!! I'm pretty sure me & Jared enjoyed that gift more than the kids!!! :) The day after Christmas we did go up to Tennesse to see my family. We stayed for a couple of days and had a really great time. We ate, went bowling, played "PIT", ate, hung out and talked and ATE!!! Holly cow, did I mention we ATE!!! My mom had her usual chocolates all made. Jared was eating fudge by the HANDFULLS! He said he was trying to GAIN weight so that when he looses some weight it will be more impressive! Sounds like him, huh?!?

Brooke (with evil eyes!) TRYING to bowl!
Brooke getting what she wanted...MONEY! She said she "didn't trust Mrs. Clause to pick out clothes for her"! Jared's response, "Hey, watch it, I hear Santa is REALLY protective of Mrs. Clause!" So we gave her a box of "sweaty cash".
Chase with his new IPOD! He hasn't taken them out of his ears yet!!!

Bradley getting "the only thing he really wanted" this year...inline skates! He now says he doesn't want to be a plastic surgeon anymore, he wanted to be a professional SKATER! I feel sorry for his wife!
Jared with all the kids