Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We're So Proud!

We're so proud of Chase & Bradley. They both did really good in the President's Fitness test in P.E. and got their names on the board! What makes this funny though is what Chase said about it. One day I was driving them to school and Chase said, "Mom, I really want to be the big winnner of the WHOLE President's Fitness Test!" I said, "yeah Chase, that would be great!" Then he said, "Mom, the winner gets a SIGNED certificiate from President Obama!" I didn't really know what to say, because I was thinking big whoop! So, I just said, "Oh really? That's cool." Then it all made sense to me, he then said, "If I win, I'm just gonna tell the P.E. teacher NOT to put my name on the certificate then I'm gonna SELL that certificate on Ebay and make a bunch of money! It's his real signature Mom, think of how much money I could make!" Oh, you gotta love Chase. Always thinking of how to make a buck! Chase did the most sit-ups for a boy in 4th grade...56! Go Chase!
Bradley did the best in 2 categories for a boy. He did 47 push-ups and he tied with another boy for 60 sit-ups! Go Bradley!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Do You Laugh or Cry???

So, Bradley & Chase were playing baseball with some kids in the neighborhood the other day. Chase was up to bat. Bradley decides to THROW a rock at Chase to try & get him to miss the ball! He didn't throw it out of anger, just STUPIDITY! He SAID he was aiming for Chase's legs, but instead hit Chase in the FACE with the rock. So, of course Chase starts crying and comes in the house. Chase had a big smear of red dirt on his face. I get him calmed down and wipe off his cheek and see there's a big red scrape on his face. So, I go get Bradley (who was hiding from me) and start yelling at him. I give him the whole "wait until your Dad gets home" line and send him to take a bath. He comes downstairs after taking his bath and he has his pj's on and says to me, "Mom, I know Dad's gonna either spank me or slap me, so I put like 6 pairs of underwear on." I can't figure out if he's just saying that or if he really did it, so I look. SURE ENOUGH, he had 5 layers on. Look below!!! Do I laugh or cry? Kids...there is NEVER a dull moment! Needless to say, me & Jared laughed so hard that we couldn't even bear to punish him. Jared just gave him a stern "talkin' to".

2 pairs of underwear, 2 boxer shorts & 1 pj pants!!!

How can you spank a kid that looks like this????

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter Sunday. Jared's parents & my sister and her husband came over that day. We all went to church together, then came back to our house for a big Easter dinner. After dinner, Uncle Greg & Brooke hid Easter eggs and Chase & Bradley went and looked, or should I say RACED to find them! It was a great day and we're glad we got to spend the day with family.
Chase & Bradley fighting over an egg.

We lost count on how many times Chase would trip & drop his basket. If you KNOW Chase you know how funny this is. He would start laughing & couldn't even pick up the eggs! Really funny!

Bradley bear

Brooke & Nana working on her "John Deere" quilt!!! Yes, it's true, Brooke WANTED a John Deere quilt. I think we need to get her out of the "country"! (Brooke hates this picture & says she looks "evil"! Get over it Brooke, it's the only picture I have of you that day!)

Uncle Greg and little Jacob. Little, cute, squishable, ADORABLE, little Jacob. Have I told you I'm his FAVORITE aunt?!? :)

Chase hunting for some eggs.

This was the best picture I found, out of about 30 Pictures taken! We just couldn't keep everyone still, so this is IT!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Queen of Diamonds

I think it's official...our little Brookie is growing up! She entered the Queen of Diamonds beauty pageant this past weekend and had a great time! She wanted to do it last year, but chickened out. She decided she was really going to do it this year and finally did it! She was nervous, but she did a GREAT job. We are so proud of her. She won 2 awards! She won prettiest eyes...which is SO funny...she told me she looked like a drag queen after I did her eye make-up! Funny huh?!? Maybe mommy knows something about putting make-up on! She really does have beautiful eyes though, she gets them from her DADDY! The big award she won was the Sportswear Queen! They gave 2 big awards that night, one was the Queen of Diamonds and the other was the Sportswear Queen. We teased her that since she didn't have to really talk, she might have a chance! :) Guess we were right! Good job Brookie! We love you!!!

Her sportswear costume, she was a golfer. She had a pink golf club, cute huh?!?

When is Chase going to quit being goofy in pictures?!?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Mini-Moon!!!

Me and Jared just got back from a FABULOUS little "mini-moon"! We had so much fun being together just the two of us. We have taken several trips with friends over the past few years in February, but decided to go alone this year. We had a blast just being together with no distractions. We didn't even get sick of each other! Shocking! :) We left on Saturday the 21st and drove to Jacksonville, Florida where we stayed the night on Jacksonville Beach. We went to dinner and met up with some good friends of Jared's, Jim & Stephanie. It was really great to see them and catch up on all that they've been up to. On Sunday we drove to Daytona Beach and met up with Jared's mom & dad (they were in Orlando on business). We had a really nice time walking around and had lunch there. Then we drove down to Fort Lauderdale and stayed the night there. We went out for dinner to a really cool place in downtown and had a great time just walking around all the neat little shops. The next day (Monday) we got up and headed over to the cruise ship port. We got checked in and explored the ship. We couldn't get over how BIG and COOL the ship was. It was a Royal Carribean ship, the Navigator of the Seas. We've been on Princess and Norwegian, but this ship was much bigger. We couldn't even feel the ship moving, it was great!!! The ship had so much to do...a rock wall, an ice skating rink, inline skate course, mini-golf course, golf simulator, basketball court, 2 pools, several hot tubs, Johnny Rockets, Ben & Jerry's ice cream! It was a great ship. We were at sea all day on Tuesday. We slept in ate a huge breakfast and laid by the pool. They had a really cool contest by the pool that day, a sexy leg contest...MEN ONLY! HILARIOUS! You should have seen some of these men! That night we went to dinner and met the people we were assigned to have dinner with. We had never dined like that on other ships and we were nervous to see who we were going to be eating with for the next 5 nights, but it worked out great. We were at a table with 4 other couples that were all really cool and fun to be with. We actually ended up hanging out with them several nights. On Wednesday we went to Cozumel. We went into town and shopped and had lunch there. "Little Miss Piggie" got some great souvenirs! JEWELRY! Jared is SUCH a generous husband, what can I say?!? He's the BEST! Thursday we went to Belize. We took a snorkeling & beach expedition on a Catamaran. We got to see some beautiful fish while we were snorkeling. After that we went to a BEAUTIFUL island in the middle of the Ocean and laid out and enjoyed the sunshine. Friday we were at sea all day and the boat got into Ft. Lauderdale on Saturday morning. We drove all the way back to Atlanta, about a 10 hour drive! We had a really nice time just talking and being together without the kids. We really missed the kids all week though. The kids are DYING to take a cruise and we really want to take them too. We are trying to find a good deal on one and take them this summer as our family vacation. We'll see!!!
Some of the people we met on the ship and hung out with.

Laying by the pool on the upper deck of the ship.

The little island in Belize that we hung out on for a few hours.
Another picture of the island in Belize.

This picture was taken in the middle of the ship, this was called the Promenade. It was really cool, it had little shops and restaurants in it.
This was in Cozumel.
Jared and the Mariachi band that played "Cielito Lindo" while we ate lunch. Aye, ya, ya, ya!

Me and my honey.
Me and Jared at dinner one night.

Me & Jared in Daytona Beach.