Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Queen of Diamonds

I think it's official...our little Brookie is growing up! She entered the Queen of Diamonds beauty pageant this past weekend and had a great time! She wanted to do it last year, but chickened out. She decided she was really going to do it this year and finally did it! She was nervous, but she did a GREAT job. We are so proud of her. She won 2 awards! She won prettiest eyes...which is SO funny...she told me she looked like a drag queen after I did her eye make-up! Funny huh?!? Maybe mommy knows something about putting make-up on! She really does have beautiful eyes though, she gets them from her DADDY! The big award she won was the Sportswear Queen! They gave 2 big awards that night, one was the Queen of Diamonds and the other was the Sportswear Queen. We teased her that since she didn't have to really talk, she might have a chance! :) Guess we were right! Good job Brookie! We love you!!!

Her sportswear costume, she was a golfer. She had a pink golf club, cute huh?!?

When is Chase going to quit being goofy in pictures?!?


Anonymous said...

Oooohhhh, you guys are in SO much trouble! Poor Jared! Beautiful, absolutely beautiful! Go Brooke! BTW, Annalisa misses you! ;-)

Kizzy said...

ok, now that's the kind of stuff I hate about being 2000 miles away. I wish I could have been there!! She looks absolutely beautiful and I am so glad she did it this year. YOU GO BROOKE!!!

Rebecca said...

Great job Brooke. In a few years... Miss America! :)