Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter Sunday. Jared's parents & my sister and her husband came over that day. We all went to church together, then came back to our house for a big Easter dinner. After dinner, Uncle Greg & Brooke hid Easter eggs and Chase & Bradley went and looked, or should I say RACED to find them! It was a great day and we're glad we got to spend the day with family.
Chase & Bradley fighting over an egg.

We lost count on how many times Chase would trip & drop his basket. If you KNOW Chase you know how funny this is. He would start laughing & couldn't even pick up the eggs! Really funny!

Bradley bear

Brooke & Nana working on her "John Deere" quilt!!! Yes, it's true, Brooke WANTED a John Deere quilt. I think we need to get her out of the "country"! (Brooke hates this picture & says she looks "evil"! Get over it Brooke, it's the only picture I have of you that day!)

Uncle Greg and little Jacob. Little, cute, squishable, ADORABLE, little Jacob. Have I told you I'm his FAVORITE aunt?!? :)

Chase hunting for some eggs.

This was the best picture I found, out of about 30 Pictures taken! We just couldn't keep everyone still, so this is IT!!!

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Kizzy said...

fun easter! we didnt go to church due to sick people in the household. we all layed on the couch all day. jeremy will get a kick out of chase fallin down...u know how much he loves to tease him! love and miss u!!