Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We're So Proud!

We're so proud of Chase & Bradley. They both did really good in the President's Fitness test in P.E. and got their names on the board! What makes this funny though is what Chase said about it. One day I was driving them to school and Chase said, "Mom, I really want to be the big winnner of the WHOLE President's Fitness Test!" I said, "yeah Chase, that would be great!" Then he said, "Mom, the winner gets a SIGNED certificiate from President Obama!" I didn't really know what to say, because I was thinking big whoop! So, I just said, "Oh really? That's cool." Then it all made sense to me, he then said, "If I win, I'm just gonna tell the P.E. teacher NOT to put my name on the certificate then I'm gonna SELL that certificate on Ebay and make a bunch of money! It's his real signature Mom, think of how much money I could make!" Oh, you gotta love Chase. Always thinking of how to make a buck! Chase did the most sit-ups for a boy in 4th grade...56! Go Chase!
Bradley did the best in 2 categories for a boy. He did 47 push-ups and he tied with another boy for 60 sit-ups! Go Bradley!

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